26th Annual ISoF Conference
International Institute for Franchise Education
H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
May 17 – May 19, 2012
  1. How a Duck Walks: An Exploration of the Legal Meaning of Franchising
    Elizabeth Crawford Spencer, Bond University, Australia

  2. Franchise Goodwill: “Take a Sad Song and Make it Better” 
    Robert W. Emerson, University of Florida

  3. The Vicarious Liability of Franchisors in Australia
    Andrew Terry, The University of Sydney Business School, Australia

  4. Franchise Agreements, Alleged Fraud, and Parol Evidence: From Bedlam to Bright Lines
    Robert W. Emerson, University of Florida

  5. Multi-unit Franchising – Organizational Capability and Transaction Cost Explanations
    Dildar Hussain, ESC Rennes School of Business, France
    Josef Windsperger, University of Vienna, Austria

  6. Determinants of E-commerce adoption by franchisors: Insights from the U.S. market
    Rozenn Perrigot, University of Rennes, France
    Thierry Penard, University of Rennes, France

  7. A Theoretical Explanation of the Cost Advantages of Multi-unit Franchising
    Vinay Garg, Missouri State University
    Richard Priem, Texas Christian University
    Abdul Rasheed, The University of Texas at Arlington

  8. The Effects of Service Brand, Service Category and Level of Criticality on Customers Service Quality Perceptions: A Comparison of Franchised versus Independent Businesses
    Hyo Jin (Jean) Jeon, The University of Oklahoma
    Rajiv Dant, The University of Oklahoma
    Aaron Gleiberman, The University of Oklahoma

  9. Vertical contracts in branded-networks; Sector-based explanations for the French case
    Magali Chaudey, Université de Lyon, France
    Muriel Fadairo, Université de Lyon, France
    Gwennaël Solard, National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, France

  10. Can Franchising Be an Economic Development Strategy for Developing Nations? An Empirical Investigation
    Steven Michael, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

  11. Monitoring and Conflict in Franchise Relationships
    Susana López-Bayón, University of Oviedo, Spain
    Begoña López-Fernández, University of Oviedo, Spain

  12. Live or let die: An examination of franchisee discontinuity rates across states and metropolitan statistical areas
    Robert E. Stassen, University of Arkansas
    Marko Grünhagen, Eastern Illinois University

  13. The Prevalence and Performance Impact of Synergies in Dual Distribution
    Thomas Ehrmann, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
    Brinja Meiseberg, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

  14. Antecedents of Franchisee Trust
    Evelien Croonen, University of Groningen, Netherlands
    Maryse Brand, University of Groningen, Netherlands
    Thijs Broekhuizen, University of Groningen, Netherlands

  15. Identification in Franchise Organizations
    Benjamin Lawrence, Cornell University
    Patrick Kaufmann, Boston University

  16. The Moderating Role of HR Operational Autonomy on the Entrepreneurial Orientation Performance Link in Franchise Systems
    Marko Grünhagen, Eastern Illinois University
    Olufunmilola (Lola) Dada, Lancaster University, UK
    Melody L. Wollan, Eastern Illinois University
    Anna Watson, University of the Arts London, UK

  17. Specific Investments in Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships: A Model
    Manish Kacker, McMaster University, Canada
    Ruhai Wu, McMaster University, Canada

  18. Governance of Franchising Networks – Comparison of Research Results and Future Research Strategy
    Josef Windsperger, University of Vienna, Austria
    Nada Mumdziev, University of Vienna, Austria

  19. Learning effect and contractual completeness: The case of franchising
    Vanesa Solis-Rodriguez, University of Oviedo, Spain
    Manuel Gonzalez-Diaz, University of Oviedo, Spain

  20. Academics Pick Up the Challenges of Franchising in Healthcare: A Systematic Review
    Karlijn Nijmeijer MSc, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdam
    Isabelle Fabbricotti, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdam
    Robbert Huijsman, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdam

  21. The influence of relational embeddedness on the formation and performance of Social Franchising; An explorative qualitative analyses of four Social Franchises active in the UK from a social network theory perspective
    Fiori Zafeiropoulou, Brunel University, London
    Dimitrios Koufopoulos, Brunel University, London

  22. Franchisee Role Perceptions and Expectations: A Study in Taiwanese Franchise Industry
    Audhesh Paswan, University of North Texas
    Julian Ming-Sung Cheng, National Central University, Taiwan