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32nd Annual ISoF Conference

Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN) in Quito, Ecuador is this year’s host institution of ISoF 2018, the 32nd Annual International Society of Franchising Conference. The conference co-chairs, Drs. Cintya Lanchimba (EPN, Ecuador) and Muriel Fadairo (Jean Monnet University St. Etienne, France), welcome you warmly to submit manuscripts and attend this annual event, which is the premier conference for researchers, students, and practitioners in franchising.

This year, the conference will also feature sessions by the “Franchising and Distribution Networks in Emerging Countries” (FDNEC) Workshop. All paper submissions for the entire conference will go through the same single joint submission process.

The conference program can be downloaded here.


Conference Dates

June 28 – 30, 2018
Quito, Ecuador

ISoF Conference Co-Chairs

Cintya Lanchimba, PhD (Local Arrangements)
EPN, Quito, Ecuador & GATE, University of Lyon, France
Muriel Fadairo, PhD (Paper Submission)
GATE & IAE-SE University of Lyon, France

Conference Venue

Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Ladrón de Guevara E11-253, Quito, Ecuador

ISoF Conference – Organizing Committee

Richard Baron, PhD. GATE & IAE-SE, University of Lyon
Magali Chaudey, PhD. GATE, University of Lyon
Diego Elizarraras, Mexican Franchise Association, AEF, & Ibero American Franchise Association, FIAF
Paulo Furquim de Azevedo, PhD. CORS-Insper, University of São Paulo
Yasmin Salazar, PhD. EPN, Quito
Vivian-Lara Silva, PhD. CORS, FZEA, University of São Paulo
Guido Santillan, Ecuadorian Franchise Association, AEFRAN
Miguel Yangari, PhD. EPN, Quito

Host Institution

The Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, has a long academic tradition dating back to 1869. The university has about 12,000 students in different Faculties. The EPN is among the best universities in Ecuador (more information).

The Departamento de Economía Cuantitativa of the EPN Quito regroups 32 researchers working in different areas such as mathematical optimization, mathematical modeling, economics, statistics, and management. This department is distinguished as being the first of the EPN, in terms of research activities.

Supporting Institutions


GATE, University of Lyon, France: GATE activities come under the fields of theoretical and applied economics. The Institute has built an international reputation and occupies a leading scientific position in various areas of excellence. The University of Lyon is the largest French university site outside Paris metropolitan area, with a remarkable scientific research potential.

CORS, University of São Paulo, Brazil: the primary subject of CORS is the study of institutions and organizations, by means of a multidisciplinary approach, based on economics and other applied social sciences. The University of São Paulo is the largest Brazilian public university and the country’s most prestigious educational institution

2nd Biennial FDNEC Workshop

This year, the ISoF conference will also feature sessions by the “Franchising and Distribution Networks in Emerging Countries” (FDNEC) Workshop.

Supported by USP-COFECUB – Comité Français d’Évaluation de la Coopération Universitaire et Scientifique avec le Brésil. 

FDNEC Workshop Co-Chairs

Vivian-Lara Silva, PhD
CORS, FZEA, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Muriel Fadairo, PhD
GATE & IAE-SE University of Lyon, France

FDNEC Workshop – Organizing Committee

Eugênio Bitti, PhD. FEA-RP, University of São Paulo
Diego Elizarraras, Mexican Franchise Association, AEF, & Ibero American Franchise Association, FIAF
Melitha Prado, Brazilian Franchise Association, ABF
Sylvia Saes, PhD. CORS, FEA-SP, University of São Paulo