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Research News and Calls for Papers

This section provides current information about publication opportunities as well as relevant workshops and events.

Publication Opportunities & Resources for Franchise Research

While researchers on franchising do not have a specific journal dedicated exclusively to franchise research (there was an attempt titled Franchising Research: An International Journal that existed for only 2 years – 1996-1997), the following journals have a long history of publishing research articles on franchising on a regular basis: Journal of Retailing (JR), Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM), Journal of Marketing Channels (JMC), Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (ET&P). These journals serve both as significant resources for franchise-related research, as well as prime targets for research manuscripts.

Other journals that also have published occasional work on franchising include Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Venturing, Strategic Management Journal, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, International Small Business Journal, Small Business Economics, and several others.

Current Calls for Papers

Industrial Marketing Management  – Special Issue “Interfirm Networks & Innovation”  – deadline 31 March 2019

Journal of Strategic Marketing  – Special Issue “Relationship Marketing in Franchising and Retailing”  – deadline in 2019

Journal of Marketing Channels – Special Issue: “Franchising Trends and Challenges in the Digital Age: Local, National, and International Perspectives” – deadline 31 December 2018